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Depression: Facts, Statistics, and You

Sadness and grief are feeling that occur in every human life. It’s a major type of depression and a diagnosable condition. It can bring mood disorder, overwhelming sadness, and low energy, loss of appetite and lack of all other activities that used to bring Pleasure n an individual life. There are different types of Depression including Major Depressive disorder is the least major disorder found in 6.7 of people.

Hypnotherapist a persistent depressive disorder is a chronic level of depression that lasts two years or longer. In this situation, a person feels a deep level of sadness and helplessness. Another type of disorder known as bipolar disorder in which a person will experience the development of manic and experience energized mood episodes. Seasonal Depression – It is also known as a seasonal affective disorder. It is usually occurred in autumn and last throughout winter. It usually occurs in women than in men.

Postpartum Depression mostly occurs in a new mother's life that makes a woman sad, fatigue and develops major mood swings in his life. Hormonal change, lack of sleep and the pressure of taking care are the main reasons for this disorder. If these symptoms left untreated they may become a major depressive disorder. Psychotic Depression – are occurred due to hallucinations, delusions or paranoia.

About 50% of people admitted due to this type of depression. You should visit a Hypnotherapist if you are going through symptoms including extremely irritability over minor things, anxiety restlessness or having trouble with anger management, loss of interest in various activities including physical connection, fixation on a few things that have gone wrong or having thought of Death or suicide. If you are facing all these issues you should consult with a Hypnotherapist as soon as possible.

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